From the recording Nothing Left To Burn

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Sun Comes Up Each Morning

Well I haven’t seen you around here for years now
And I don’t get your letters anymore
I’ve got all my memories in a cereal box
And I don’t know what I’ve kept them for

You said you still aren’t quite sure
what you’re missing here
You haven’t had the chance to reflect
How at times you thought our fates would lead us parallel
Convinced yourself that this was for the best

You were still around
You were still around

You had a fire deep inside
You had a friend in the flame
And now You’re suffering from some emptiness within
You see You’re drowning in a sea of obscurity
We’re only there to find if you’re looking

You never failed you tried
The mornings keep you up at night
The more you hide the more you find
You sold out for much less

You once said that we would never die
We would never die

Well the sun comes up each morning
And the milkman comes around
We’ve had our lives delivered we never found
How the cycle would have treated us
We drifted with the tide
But I’ve seen you up on your high horse falling far

Wish you were still around
Wish you were still around
Wish you were still around

Now I’m water logged and sinking
A ghost of all before
Take time but take it quickly
Push me from the shore