Emerging from Byron Bay, Acre picked up Triple J support on the track "Fourteen Fifty" - a sure sign that the listener still appreciates quality. Acre - the band, boasting a musical pedigree that includes connections to artists as diverse as Max Sharam, U2, Sinead O'Connor, David Bowie, The Pet Shop Boys, Moloko, The Resin Dogs, Grace Night, Don Burrows & Leonardo's Bride (yes you read correctly) in a variety of guises including work in the studio & in the live sector.

Associations with these artists have included work locally and internationally with Anthony Lycenko & Christian Pyle having travelled extensively abroad in their relatively short musical careers. The combination of all this experience coupled to the songwriting talents of Christian Pyle guarantee listening pleasure when hearing their debut album "The Vision Splendid" and the same can be said for the competency of their skills as they embrace their instruments in the live set. It is only at this level that a true musical live experience can be appreciated, something that is, and will become, increasingly rare as fashion inevitably takes us further & further away from real musicians and real instruments into the realms of electronica as that genre continues to push the boundaries.

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