Prawn & Spanner's Hinterland studio 


Prawn & Spanner Productions has a fully equipped recording studio in the Byron Bay hinterland in Northern NSW, Australia.

Acoustically designed, engin
eered and constructed by music producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist Christian Pyle, the studio features a massive collection of eclectic instruments and recording gear, both analogue and digital. Apart from its extraordinary sound, the vibe is unique. "It's kind of like stepping into a surreal musical wonderland which is just how I've designed it," says Christian.

Recent client Willy McElroy of The Immigrants agrees: "I won't ever work with anyone except Christian again," he told The Echo recently. "His ears are incredible! Some studios are so sterile that they look like dental labs. Christian's is like an eclectic museum of instruments. You can feel it, the energy of the place... it was like discovering a shop in a back street of Melbourne where you want to hang out for a week."

The studio is now available for bookings. 
For more info, all enquiries and/or bookings, contact:

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Past and Present Clients Include:

• Tex, Don & Charlie
• Goons of Doom
 Paul Grabowsky
• Andrew Tumason / Talon
• Ken Stubbs
• Tex Perkins & The Ape
• Murray Patterson
• Headland

• Glory B
• Scott Tinkler & Simon Barker
• Victoriana Gaye & Jeff Raglus
• Amphibian

• Black Pudding
• Thierry Fossemalle

• Yeshe
• Dave Houston
• Verners Keep
• Willy McElroy & The Immigrants
• The 6th Floor

• Danielle Farrow-Pryke
• Leigh Carriage and Steve Russell

 Isabella a Cappella

Christian Pyle also composes and records soundtracks with acclaimed violinist Cye Wood for Oscillator A.