I'm curently working on albums for Jimmy Dowling, Bunny Racket, Acre, Headland , the Bongo Brothers and various singles for others .

I'm also still putting out a track with video every Sunday on the "Oscillator A"  you tube channel.

Prawn & Spanner's Hinterland studio 

My name is Christian Pyle. I’m a musician, record producer, artist, composer & sound engineer. 

I have worked in many studios around the globe and am now based in my own studio, located on my property in the Byron Bay Hinterland. The studio sounds and feels fantastic, and is probably one of the most inspiring recording environments you will encounter.

There is a shitload of instruments, amps, mikes and recording gear from my years of working with music, and some of the pictures on the site attempt to exhibit this.

Clients are always happy, and I’m constantly working on something in the studio (see client list, right).

I also work on my own material in several outlets including sountracks and the following bands:

Oscillator A with Cye Wood: this is my most current focus, two multi-intrumentalists/studio masters making soundtracks, no rules apply, not for the faint-hearted, some fucking great music.

I may also be found playing guitar in bands whose music and company I enjoy such as:

Glory B

The Tendons

The Sixth Floor

The Re=Mains

Mechanical Egg with Lenny Bastiaans & Loius Biddett

In the past I have released albums under my own name and under the names “Acre” and “Ghost Mountain”. Most of these albums are available online, although physical copies may still exist of some releases.

All enquiries and/or bookings, contact: prawnandspanner@gmail.com

The majority of my mastering is done by Michael Worthington who can be found at soundworthy.com.au. Michael is also a very good friend of mine.

Past and Present Clients Include:

• Tex, Don & Charlie
 Russian Hackers
• Goons of Doom
• No Parade
• Plenko

Glory B
• Andrew Tumason / Talon
• Tex Perkins & The Ape
• Murray Patterson
• Headland

• Jesse Younan
• Yeshe

• Lucie Thorne & Hamish Stuart
• Scott Tinkler & Simon Barker
• Drub

Ken Stubbs
• Victoriana Gaye & Jeff Raglus
• Amphibian
• Acre
• Ghost Mountain
• The Re-Mains
• Max Sharam

• The Sixth Floor
• Dave Houston
• Thor Phillips
• Verners Keep
• Willy McElroy & The Immigrants
• Aloha Baby
• The Tendons

• The 6th Floor
• Danielle Farrow-Pryke
Mechanical Egg 
• Paul Grabowsky
• Kristin Beradi & James Sherlock
• Billy

 M Jack Bee
• Connor Fitzgerald
• Thierry Fossemalle
• Lenny Bastiaans

• Susanna Carmen
• Renee Searles
• Jodi Martin
• Black Pudding
• Luke Vassella
 Big Low / Dan Tuffy
• The Fuellers
• Kidney
• Chenlab
• The Panti-Christs
• Super Mario
• Red Belly Black

• The Bongo Brothers
• Spikey
• Michael Turner
• Sarah Tindley
• Fatter Than Nusrat
• Si Mullumby
• Phil Smith
• Tania Kernigan & Stephen Rowe
• Cosmic Funk Lounge
• Robbie Neil
• The Link
• Leigh Carriage and Steve Russell
 Isabella a Cappella
• Andy Jans Brown

• Dan Rowan and the Figments
• Two Colour Mountain
• Alicia Charleston
• Roy Wilders
• Christy Wilson
• The Team
• Tug Dumbly
 The Full Colour
plus many more.....